HoloVid does not need your private data!

HoloVid does not collect or store your user data from the app on a server, or send to any third party.

Non-application data that HoloVid uses is orientated around user support, and application quality assurance. This is detailed below.

Use of camera data

HoloVid records videos to your camera roll, for playback within the application. These are not sent to any remote service.

Email feedback

Emails sent to HoloVid for support are processed via a service called ZenDesk.

These are stored on Zendesk's servers, and are subject to ZenDesk privacy policy. This is currently available at https://www.zendesk.com/company/customers-partners/privacy-policy (7th May 2019).

Email support information is used only to provide support and respond to any software issues. Support emails are not used by HoloVid for marketing purposes.

Apple analytics and data

HoloVid uses Apple App store analytics in order to record sales volumes, user opt-in analytics, and crash reporting information.

This information is provided via Apple's AppStore Connect service, and does not identify individual users.


By using HoloVid, you consent to this privacy policy.


For any further questions or feedback on this privacy policy, please contact David Wood, at support@roboheadz.com

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